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be quiet! Pure Power 11 700W PSU Review

To learn how we measure ripple, please click here.

The following table includes the ripple levels we measured on the L11-CM-700’s rails. The limits, according to the ATX specification, are 120mV (+12V) and 50mV (5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB).

Test 12V 5V 3.3V 5VSB Pass/Fail
10% Load 5.7 mV 12.7 mV 11.6 mV 15.5 mV Pass
20% Load 13.1 mV 17.4 mV 17.3 mV 18.5 mV Pass
30% Load 16.6 mV 19.9 mV 21.5 mV 17.9 mV Pass
40% Load 18.0 mV 21.9 mV 22.7 mV 11.4 mV Pass
50% Load 20.8 mV 24.7 mV 25.4 mV 12.5 mV Pass
60% Load 21.8 mV 26.2 mV 28.4 mV 11.4 mV Pass
70% Load 24.1 mV 27.6 mV 32.2 mV 14.5 mV Pass
80% Load 25.7 mV 30.9 mV 33.6 mV 15.6 mV Pass
90% Load 33.3 mV 33.0 mV 36.5 mV 16.6 mV Pass
100% Load 43.3 mV 35.8 mV 41.6 mV 18.2 mV Pass
110% Load 59.6 mV 37.9 mV 44.4 mV 19.9 mV Pass
Crossload 1 18.2 mV 27.5 mV 24.4 mV 19.3 mV Pass
Crossload 2 39.0 mV 33.8 mV 37.5 mV 18.9 mV Pass

The ripple suppression cannot meet the competition in this price range, with both the Seasonic SSR-750FX and Bitfenix BWG750M units achieving much better results (with only exception the 5VSB rail where the BWG750M falls a bit behind).

The +12V rail goes close to 45mV under full load at high ambient, which is a satisfactory result, however the minor rails, especially 3.3V, clearly need more filtering caps.

Ripple Oscilloscope Screenshots

The following oscilloscope screenshots illustrate the AC ripple and noise registered on the main rails (+12V, 5V, 3.3V and 5VSB). The bigger the fluctuations on the screen, the bigger the ripple/noise. We set 0.01 V/Div (each vertical division/box equals 0.01V) as the standard for all measurements.

Ripple At Full Load

Ripple At 110-Percent Load

Ripple At Cross-Load 1

Ripple At Cross-Load 2

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