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be quiet! Pure Power 11 700W PSU Review

Protection Features

Our protection features evaluation methodology is described in detail here.

Protection Features


12V: 73A (130.36%), 11.662V
5V: 30.5A (152.5%), 4.971V
3.3V: 39.5A (158%), 3.304V
5VSB: 5.7A (190%), 4.979V


891.7W (127.39%)


✓ (120°C @ 12V Heatsink)


12V: ✓
5V: ✓
3.3V: ✓
5VSB: ✓
-12V: ✓


Proper Operation



Surge: MOV
Inrush: NTC Thermistor

The OCP triggering point at +12V is properly set, however this is not the case on the minor rails. In the 3.3V rail we have to go up to 39.5A till the over current protection intervenes. This is just too high!

The over power and over temperature protections are working well, while all rails are protected against possible short circuits. Finally, the power ok signal is accurate and lasts long.

DC Power Sequencing

According to Intel’s most recent Power Supply Design Guide (revision 1.4) the +12V and 5V voltages must be equal or greater than the 3.3V rail’s output at all times, during the power-up and normal operation. For our first measurement, we turn the unit off and switch it back on without any load in any of the rails.

In the second test, we set the PSU to standby mode, dial full load and start it afterwards. In the last test, while the power supply is completely switched off (we cut off the power or switch the supply off through its power switch), we dial full load before restoring power.

We notice a small problem here during the second test, where the 3.3V rail for a very short period has a higher voltage level than the 5V rail. There should be a clear distinction between 5V and 3.3V.

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