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Chillblast Fusion Barbarian Gaming PC Review


Chillblast ships the Fusion Barbarian package inside a large box that offers an extra layer of protection.


The sizeable exterior box also serves as a medium for holding the individual component boxes that Chillblast thoughtfully supplies.

I like the move to include individual component boxes for the motherboard and GPU – selling components after a future upgrade will made an easier process.


The system itself is housed inside the box of its case – Corsair’s SPEC-03 mid tower chassis. Using the chassis box is an effective way of ensuring that the fully laden system is given minimal movement during shipping.

boxes-2 accessories

Accessories from the individual components are bundled together in the motherboard box, along with the relevant documentation.

Including the individual components’ accessories is another move that I like to see – users can add more drives, for example, using the supplied chassis screws. I am, however, disappointed to see that the cooler’s remaining (AMD and LGA 2011) mounting hardware was not supplied.

A double-sided sheet provides users with installation and troubleshooting guidance.

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