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Chillblast Fusion Barbarian Gaming PC Review


We used 3DMark‘s ‘Fire Strike’ benchmark which is designed to be used on gaming PCs. We opted for the Normal setting, NOT the Extreme mode.

Sandra Processor Arithmetic

sandra arith
Sandra Memory Bandwidth

sandra mem band

The GPU might of Nvidia’s Maxwell-based GTX 970 gives the Fusion Barbarian a convincing lead in the graphics-heavy 3DMark workload. Both competing solutions simply cannot match the might of the GTX 970.

Switching over to a CPU-intensive system workload sees the tables turn, with the overclocked 4690K struggling to keep pace with higher-clocked i7 4790K systems. Memory bandwidth numbers are similar to the Fusion Raptor’s – both systems use 1600MHz CL11 memory. Memory speed has little impact on gaming performance.

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