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Scan 3XS GW-HTX35 Workstation (w/ Quadro M6000) Review

SPECviewperf 12, released by SPEC’s Graphics Performance Characterization group (SPECgpc) on December 18, 2013, is an all-new version of the worldwide standard for measuring graphics performance based on professional applications. SPECgpc members at the time of release include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, NEC and NVIDIA.

SPECviewperf 12 measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under the OpenGL and Direct X application programming interfaces. The benchmark’s test files, called viewsets, represent graphics content and behavior from actual applications.

It’s hard to say anything much more about the Scan 3XS GW-HTX35’s SPECviewperf 12 results other than “wow”. The Quadro M6000 graphics annihilates all competition, with the Siemens NX snx-02 result being more than twice as fast as the Quadro K5200-wielding PC Specialist system.

The energy-01 viewset is particularly texture heavy, and the M6000 is more than 3.5x faster than the graphics in either comparison system. No matter what professional 3D content creation package you might be using, it’s clear this system will make short work of it when modelling.

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