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FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC Review

‘What kind of gaming system can I get for only £500? I don’t have a lot of money!’. This is a question we get asked every day on our Facebook page. Many people feel that they will end up with a system unable to play any modern game at 1080p. The FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC proves the point that you really don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to play the latest Direct X 11 titles.

While FiercePC have incorporated quality components in the Hazer Mini system build, there is no doubt that the star of the show is Nvidia’s GTX750 Ti. We have already reviewed an MSI, Palit and Asus GTX750 Ti and have been massively impressed with the new Maxwell architecture. Not only is the GTX750 Ti capable of powering many Direct X 11 titles at 1080p with high image quality settings, but it only demands around 60 watts of power – completely from the PCI e slot. Subsequently the card runs cool and overclocks exceptionally well.

The Bitfenix Colossus M is an attractively designed case that will fit into any living room without taking up a lot of physical space. While it looks great, I wasn’t as impressed with the internal layout or cable routing options. The side panel is fitted with an I/O panel PCB which makes internal access a little tricky. I much prefer the AeroCool Dead Silence design, especially if you need regular access … perhaps to swap out some components.

The FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC is reasonably unobtrusive, although it certainly isn’t the quietest system we have tested – clearly audible under load within a bedroom environment. Everyone has a different view on acceptable levels of noise but swapping out the fans for higher grade units would certainly help.

We have focused a lot on AMD APU powered systems in recent months, so it was refreshing today to take a look at the Intel Core i3 4130. This hyperthreading enabled dual core processor is certainly no rendering powerhouse, however it is reasonably capable and ideal for a £500 build. Retail prices are currently around the £80 mark, so it fits in well with the rest of the budget oriented components.

The Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2PV Motherboard is a no frills design, but it proved rock solid throughout a full week of intensive stress testing. Dual channel memory performance was very good, and the USB 3.0 controller delivered results at the same level as more expensive models we have reviewed in recent months.

If you are dealing with a tight budget and need a new system to handle a myriad of modest duties then the FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC certainly deserves a look. Many other system builders may be focusing on the new range of AMD APU’s at a similar price point, but the Fierce PC Hazer includes the Nvidia GTX GTX750 Ti. This alone separates it from the crowd.

We asked our readers how they would build a gaming system for around £500 – you can read public feedback HERE.

You can discuss the FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC on our Facebook page, over HERE.

You can buy the FiercePC Hazer Mini Gaming PC, over HERE.


  • small size will suit many.
  • quality components inside.
  • demands very little power at socket.
  • reasonably quiet.
  • competitively priced.
  • SSD and large HDD included.
  • Nvidia GTX750 Ti can’t be beaten at this price.


  • could be quieter.
  • Bitfenix Colossus case is tricky to work inside.

Kitguru says: If you are working with a budget of £500 and want to play games at 1080p, then this really is an excellent build. We have reviewed some great systems lately at around £500, but none of them have included an Nvidia GTX750 Ti. It makes ALL the difference.

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Rating: 9.0.

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