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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Smartphone Review

On paper, the included camera units sound very tasty. There is a 13MP primary unit which takes images at a native resolution of 4160×3120 as well as a 5MP ‘selfie’ camera.

IMG_20150705_145009 IMG_20150705_144457
For a budget phone, the camera on the Smart ultra 6 is certainly capable. Initially, I thought the photos did not look too great, as it seemed the auto-exposure levels were not very accurate. However, after taking a variety of images in different lighting scenarios, I am satisfied that the 13MP shooter does a good job – certainly for the price, anyway.

Colour reproduction is certainly strong, and there is a definite richness to the images. The exposure is the camera’s biggest problem, particularly HDR mode which makes everything far too bright.
IMG_20150705_150441 IMG_20150705_144417
Close-ups and well-lit images though turn out very well, and thanks to the high pixel count they are nice and sharp. It is not the best camera I’ve seen on a phone, but it certainly does a decent job for a low price point.

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