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Microlab Solo 8C Stereo Speakers review

The Solo 8C speakers are simply fantastic – delivering high levels of volume, with plenty of clean, bass impact.

Microlab deserve credit for the design – and the audio quality is sure to appeal to demanding enthusiast gamers. I have spent the last two weeks with the Solo 8c and I don’t think I could ever go back to my £40 budget speakers. The Solo 8C are a fantastic addition for a high definition television set – enhancing the experience of PC and console games, as well as movies.

If you feel happy with a set of budget speakers or even the basic drivers built into a LED television then you haven’t spent enough time with some proper speakers. Microlab’s tag line is “Just Listen” – which is fitting as the Solo 8c have made me appreciate that spending a little more on quality speakers can make all the difference.

The Solo 8c speakers look good and sound great but there are a couple of minor issues. The main power lead connected to the right speaker is a little too short for my liking, which could limit how you have them set up.

Secondly, the remote needs to be pointing directly at the receiver in order to work. This is a little annoying as it needs a clear, direct line of sight from remote to receiver. I even found that if it was pointed at the receiver from slightly above, it would sometimes not work. Microlab need to go back to the drawing board and improve the remote signal strength and sensitivity.

Ultimately, these speakers are fantastic, and priced modestly at £150. If you are shopping for a pair of speakers for a living room or a PC then you really should shortlist these. The Solo 8c might be a bit too big and heavy for some desks but if you have the space and the money, then they are a MUST have purchase.

You can buy the Microlab Solo 8c speakers at Amazon for £148.69

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  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Stylish dark wood cabinets.
  • high quality and thick cables included.
  • No distortion or clipping even at high volumes.
  • Loud enough to power a party.


  • Remote isn’t the best.
  • Power lead could be longer.

KitGuru Says: An incredible pair of speakers that would be right at home by your PC or home entertainment set up.

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Rating: 9.0.

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