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Bethesda to remove 100MB size limit on Skyrim Workshop mods

The Steam Workshop will soon contain even bigger mods for Skyrim as Bethesda is updating things to remove the 100MB file size limit, allowing for mods of any size. The feature is currently being beta tested before going live, those that want to can get in on the beta.

The creation kit is getting a new update, supporting unlimited file sizes for mods on the Steam Workshop. The preview image for each mod is limited to 1MB in size though.


The second update is coming to the Skyrim Launcher. The launcher will no longer download mods from the Steam Workshop, they will now be managed by the Steam client instead. The Skyrim launcher will then update the game after the Steam Client finishes its download.

If you would like to beta test the upcoming feature updates for the Skyrim Launcher and the creation kit then you have to right-click on each program in your Steam library, select properties, select the beta tab and opt in.

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KitGuru Says: This means that we may see larger mods on the Skyrim Workshop fairly soon, it may even take over from the Skyrim Nexus as the place for some of the more ambitious community projects. 

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