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Petition against Valve paid mods gains traction

Valve opened up a can of worms last night when it announced that it would be allowing developers to sell their mods on the Steam Workshop, with no quality control, curation process, or guarantee of future support or compatibility. The main issue people seem to be having though, is just …

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Killing Floor 2 is now out on Steam Early Access

Update: Killing Floor 2 is now available on Steam Early Access. Right now, the game includes three levels; Burning Paris, Outpost and a re-worked version of the Biotics Lab from the original Killing Floor game. There are four perks, 27 weapons, 11 Zeds and seven playable characters as well. The game …

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Defense of the Legends puts LoL in DotA 2

It was bound to happen eventually, just like the cease and desist notice that will follow its popularisation, but Defense of the Legends is a new modification being worked on for Valve's DotA 2 and it changes the game quite dramatically, with the eventual intention of making it so you …

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