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Apple’s now employs 100 thousand, keeps aggressive M&A strategy

At the annual meeting with investors, Tim Cook announced that Apple now employs over 100 thousand people worldwide. In addition, the CEO of Apple revealed that the company has acquired 26 smaller firms and startups for various reasons in the last 15 months. Apple traditionally does not make disclosures regarding its …

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Capitalization of Apple could exceed $1 trillion

This week Carl Icahn, a well-known activist investor, as well as a leading financial analyst said that Apple’s stock has massive growth potential and that the company’s capitalization could exceed whopping $1 trillion, which would be the highest market cap of any public company ever. At present Apple’s stock is traded …

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Apple and IBM deliver first MobileFirst for iOS applications

Apple and IBM have unveiled the first breed of MobileFirst made-for-business apps and supporting cloud services for iPhone and iPad. The new programs bring IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to Apple users in the enterprise. The applications are designed for customers in banking, retail, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and …

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Apple may cease offering 16GB iPhone models

While 16GB of storage was sufficient for mobile devices three or four years ago, at present it is not really enough if one wants to keep a lot of photos and apps on his/her smartphone or tablet. Apple has long been criticized for its 16GB devices and it looks like …

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