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Boeing challenges Space X in a race to Mars


Considering how young Space X is as a rocket developer, it's somewhat surprising that it seems so advanced and forward thinking, especially when it comes to getting people to Mars. Boeing however isn't happy letting it take all the limelight and has challenged the Elon Musk founded company to the …

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Space X on track for first manned ISS run in 2017

Space X has hit a major new mile stone and for once it has nothing to do with it landing a Falcon 9 rocket on a barge. NASA has ordered the commercial space venture to fly some of its astronauts to the International Space Centre, marking the first time that Space …

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Lockheed and Boeing to build re-usable rocket too

When a new piece of hardware is introduced to a market that shakes things up, it's often termed disruptive. Elon Musk is himself, a disruptor of many industries, helping push the world towards electric cars, high-speed maglev hyperloop travel and indeed, cheaper and more efficient space transits. So much so …

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Space X secures US military contract

Space X has increased its potential client base in a big way. While it may already have contracts with NASA to ferry cargo and eventual astronauts to the ISS, it's now secured a deal with the US military to provide launch vehicles for satellites that will have various functions, including those …

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NASA to go all American with its ISS crew flights by 2017

Space is becoming a far more commercial venture these days, with the likes of SpaceX, Boeing and Virgin Galactic all developing new, more efficient and cheaper ways to take people and cargo into orbit. However it's also been more commercial for NASA over the past few years, as since the …

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Boeing given $92.3M from NASA for spacecraft

Boeing Co. have won a NASA award worth $92.3 million for future work on designing a spacecraft which could carry crews to space stations. Boeing are under contract with NASA to design the CST-100, which will carry a crew of seven people into low orbit over the earth. Boeing has …

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