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DayZ cheat sellers sure do make a lot of money

Cheat subscriptions and premium hacks aren’t anything particularly new when it comes to multiplayer games on the PC. However, there isn’t much known about the business side of these sellers, it’s not like they announce their earnings publicly or anything like that. However, it turns out that Bohemia Interactive has …

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DayZ is finally moving to a new engine

From the outside looking in, progress on DayZ seems to have been moving very slowly. Many of the promised standalone features have yet to be incorporated but according to Dean Hall, the game is finally set to move to a new engine, which will improve parts of the game and …

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Bohemia Interactive scouts arrested by Greek authorities


Two members of staff from ARMA developer, Bohemia Interactive, have been arrested by authorities for espionage on a military installation on an island off the Greek coast, called Lemnos. Apparently the island is set to feature in the next instalment of the ARMA series, with the two staff members – believed both …

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