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Cisco set to acquire ThousandEyes

On May 28, Cisco announced its intent to acquire the privately-held ThousandEyes, known for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product capable of measuring network performance.  ThousandEyes was founded back in 2010 and its headquarter is located in San Francisco – the company also has offices in Dublin, London, New York and Tokyo. ThousandEyes has seen a …

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£20 million a year ransomware group disrupted by Cisco

Researchers in Cisco Systems Talos security unit who were researching the Angler exploit kit, have taken steps to disrupt the activities of a hacking group that it believes was generating as much as $20 million a year by installing ransomware on people’s systems before demanding payment. Now though, Cisco has …

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Microsoft and Intel are both super green

Microsoft Green

Microsoft and Intel have placed in the top two spots for the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Green Power use ranking, both using clean energy sources for 100% of their power needs. This is all the more impressive when you see that combined, they use almost 5,600,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. …

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Cisco licenses crypto technologies from Rambus

Rambus and Cisco this week announced that the former’s Cryptography Research division has licensed select security-related technologies to Cisco Systems. The agreement allows the latter to integrate certain security technologies into Cisco products to provide protection against unauthorized access and mitigate security threats. Given the fact that it is unknown …

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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA6500 Review

Routers are the life and soul of the media party in many modern households. They are also under an ever increasing demand to deliver high definition media content to multiple devices simultaneously. Whether this be for streaming TV, gaming online,  downloading or uploading content – it all requires a fast …

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Cisco puts a number on Moor Insight’s prediction

When KitGuru caught up with Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights at Distree last month, one of the things that most interested us was the way that Patrick went into some detail about how he sees the actual deployment of Intel’s Computing Continuum rolling out. How much is it worth? This …

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Channel poll says Cisco rocks HP

KitGuru recently reported on how Computercenter, one of the world’s biggest HP customers, had shunned HP Blade servers for its own data centres. Instead, Computercenter chose newcomer Cisco. Looks like things might be about to get a whole lot worse for HP. As HP is fond of saying, maybe this …

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Cisco Blades cut HP out of Computercenter?

We’ve all heard of Black Monday, when the world’s stock markets collapsed. Wikipedia sums it up nicely here. If you were HP and your biggest reseller moved all of its data centres to Cisco, would that urge you to update the company diaries to read ‘Terrible Thursday’? KitGuru investigates. It …

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