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DayZ producer addresses community concerns

DayZ launched on Steam’s early access program last year and since then, millions of excited fans have bought the game, dismissing the fact that it is far from being finished. As a result, users are starting to complain that these early access builds are still missing many features. Now DayZ …

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The Stomping Land developer breaks silence

It turns out that Early Access title and Kickstarter success, The Stomping Land, is not dead- it’s just switching to a new engine. After months of silence, the developer behind the game has finally spoke out to combat recent rumors suggesting that the game had been abandoned. The developer behind …

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DayZ is finally moving to a new engine

From the outside looking in, progress on DayZ seems to have been moving very slowly. Many of the promised standalone features have yet to be incorporated but according to Dean Hall, the game is finally set to move to a new engine, which will improve parts of the game and …

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New Unreal Tournament to be completely free

Epic Games has announced that it is working on a brand new Unreal Tournament and the best part about it is that it’s going to be completely free, not free to play with micro-transactions but actually free, taking a step back from the current trend in video games. The game …

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Devs abandon Steam Early Access title Towns

Yesterday a Steam Early Access title had to be booted off of steam, which raised some valid worries about how Greenlight and Early Access are run. Today we have more cause to not trust the Greenlight or Early Access programmes as the developers behind Towns have abandoned the project completely. …

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Steam yanks scam game from Steam Early Access

Earth: Year 2066 has been kicked off of Steam’s Early Access programme after being accused of plagiarism, deleting negative feedback and creating fake accounts to talk up the game. The rip off title cost $19.99 on the Steam store which was deemed far too much considering how broken the game …

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