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Faraday Futures joins high end electric car game


Although many electric car makers are looking to bring the price down for their next models, not everyone is doing so. Electric vehicle startup, Faraday Futures, has opened up its CES show with the FF91, a high-end, electric 4×4 that will cost upwards of $180,000. Although the FF91 isn't set …

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New Tesla X won’t make electric cars affordable

As much as Tesla has crafted some amazing cars over the years, with many reviewers claiming the recent Model S P85D is the best car in the world at the moment, none of them come close to being affordable for the average consumer. While Elon Musk has promised that its Model …

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Apple plans to release its own cars by 2020 – report

Apple has always been a rather creative company, which developed tens of devices many of which never reached the market. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the late 1990s, he cancelled the vast majority of projects to focus on promising ones. Nowadays Apple’s product lineup is broader than ever. …

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Inductive electric cars to be tested in London

One of the fundamental  issues with electric cars at the moment is the limitations of the batteries that power them.  There are a number of electric vehicles currently available on the UK market such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and none of them are capable of much more than 100 miles …

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Nissan launch new LEAF car: total electric design

Nissan say that the future has arrived. They have released the world's first 100% electric car, which is a five seat family model. It is that revolutionary that Nissan say it will change the way everyone thinks about a car. Gone is the oil, the petrol tank, the gearbox, exhaust …

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