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PUBG delays July update, introduces paid cosmetics

PlayerUnknown himself teased that the next big monthly update for Battlegrounds would include the much anticipated first-person servers, an FOV slider and a new rifle. Unfortunately, this update has been pushed back to August 3rd as a result of “complications with a client crash bug.” A Steam Community post reads …

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ESL set to launch eSportsTV 24/7 pro gaming channel

Hot off the heels of banning the YouPorn sponsored Team YP gaming group from competing in its tournaments, the Electronics Sports League (ESL) has announced that it will be launching a 24/7 gaming channel. Called eSportsTV, it will show some of the organisation's biggest and most exciting games, as well …

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Valve gives permanent bans to CSGO match fixers

Over the last year, there has been quite a bit of drama in the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, particularly when it comes to match-fixing after several teams were found to have intentionally staged games in order to profit off of illegal bets. At the time, Valve ‘indefinitely suspended' 21 …

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ESL introduces drug tests for eSports players

The eSports scene has been in a bit of a stir over the last week or so, after a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player admitted that players are often using drugs like Adderall in an attempt to boost performance. Now, ESL, one of the largest tournament organizers in eSports has …

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