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Facebook appeals “unjustified” £500,000 ICO fine

Following a maximum £500,000 fine issued by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in July, Facebook began reviewing ways to contest the punishment. It seems the appeal is finally under way, with the social network labelling the effort as “unjustified.” ICO’s reasoning for pushing its top fine was due to …

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ICO puts gaming firms on notice over spam messages


The UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has sent out notices to some 400 online gaming companies, demanding that they explain how they use customer data and what method they use for sending out marketing messages. It believes that too many gaming firms are effectively spamming their user bases, as well …

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Facebook halts WhatsApp data gathering after ICO warning


The Information Commissioner's Office in the UK has warned Facebook that it may pursue action against the social network over data gathering conducted as part of the WhatsApp messaging service. It claims that Facebook doesn't inform its users enough about what it's gathering. In response, Facebook has paused data gathering …

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Information commissioner attacks UK’s new Snooper’s Charter

Independent public data rights authority, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), has attacked plans by the government to push through the Investigatory Powers Bill, often called the Snooper's Charter. It claims that there is little justification for some of the measures it wishes to push through and claims that it weakens …

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UK Cold caller clampdown coming soon

Have you been pestered by cold callers lately? If you live in the UK then chances are the answer is yes, but never fear, as the government has announced a new change to traditional legislation that will make it far easier to take the companies responsible to task. Even though last year …

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Google will change its Privacy Policy for the better


Since Google changed its privacy policy back in 2012, it has been under investigation in no less than 28 countries. It has been fined by both Spain and France for the vagueness of the policy, which does not clearly state how it will store and collect personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office …

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Sony fined quarter million for 2011 hack


British authorities have criticised the way Sony handled its hacking breach in 2011 and fined the company £250,000 for what is described as a “serious breach of the Data Protection Act.” Nearly two years ago, hackers gained access to a poorly protected Sony server that contained reams of customer information, …

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