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KickassTorrents revived by admins, moderators


Administrators and moderators of the original KickassTorrents file sharing website have helped bring about its resurrection. Without access to the original database and code, they had to start from scratch, but the end result is a site that looks and feels very much like the KAT of old. KickassTorrents was, …

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Pirates beware! KAT scammers are inbound


Popular websites are like the mythical hydra: cut off their head and two more appear in their place. When it comes to torrent sites though, they're like some kind of super hydra, as when they disappear, tens crawl out of the woodwork to replace them. In the case of Kickass Torrents, …

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Mirrors appear for downed KickassTorrents


The online torrent world was shocked this week when it was announced that the alleged founder of the biggest P2P site in the world, KickassTorrents, had been found and arrested and the site shut down. Much like when IsoHunt disappeared though, mirrors have already begun to spring up in its …

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KickassTorrent growth shows piracy is alive and well

Although services like Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have gone a long way to make buying content legitimately an easy and affordable way to consume media, piracy is still alive and well. If there was any need for proof of that fact, KickassTorrents has just entered the top 70 …

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KickassTorrents makes itself harder to take down: joins dark web

Considering how long governments and media lobbies have been going after torrent sites, it's almost surprising that the likes of KickassTorrents haven't joined the dark-net before now. Better late than never though it seems, as that is exactly what happens, with the popular torrent site publicising the address for all …

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Torrent search giant encrypts visitor information

Kickasstorrents, one of the world's largest torrent search sites, has announced that it is now forcing SSL encryption for all visitors, meaning that it's now much, much harder for internet service providers, copyright lobby groups and any government agencies to snoop on the downloading habits of visitors. There are other …

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ISPs begin block of KickassTorrents, H33T and Fenopy

The blockade of a fresh batch of file sharing websites has begun, with the major ISPs in the UK blocking their customers from accessing Fenopy, Kickasstorrents and H33T. Of course this won't stop 99 per cent of visitors who already have ways around the blocks thanks to a plethora of …

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