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Kickstarter officially buys up livestreaming partner

Huzza, the livestreaming company that Kickstarter partnered with to launch its Kickstarter Live platform in November 2016, has now become an official subsidiary of the crowd funding company. This will lead to the creation of a new international Kickstarter office, and Huzza management will now handle Kickstarter Live directly. Kickstarter …

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Twitch managed to beat Dark Souls

The Twitch Plays phenomenon kicked off with Twitch Plays Pokemon, allowing the community to control the game via the chat box. Then, just over a month ago, things were kicked up a notch with Twitch Plays Dark Souls, nobody thought they could do it but after 43 days, Dark Souls …

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Rosetta successfully releases Philae Lander for comet descent

Update: The confirmation has come through. Philae has successfully separated from the Rosetta Probe “flawlessly” and now begins its multiple hour descent. This is quite an emotional moment for the Probe’s crew back here on Earth, as Philae and Rosetta have travelled through space inseparably for over 10 years and …

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Walk with dinosaurs from 26th December

Firework displays are good, but even if you spend £30 on an air-bomb battery of some kind, it’s all over in a few seconds and the impression is rarely lasting. If you invest £10,000,000 on an event, you can bet your life that it will give you memories that will …

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