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Patreon suffers from security breach, user information compromised

Today, Patreon revealed that it recently suffered a security breach, during which someone gained unauthorized access to one of the site’s databases containing user information. The security hole has already been patched up but names, email addresses and some shipping addresses were accessed. Patreon has let its users know via …

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Dwarf Fortress now has a Patreon page

There’s been a big focus on difficult games in recent years, with learning cliffs considered far more of a legitimate choice for developers than the traditional smooth curve that makes a game easy for new players to get into. However as difficult as games like Dark Souls or Crusader Kings …

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Indiegogo to launch Patreon style service

Indiegogo is looking to take on Patreon with its own consistent crowd funding service, which will reportedly be called ‘Forever Funding’. These new campaigns will allow content creators to to receive a continuous stream of money for their work, rather than having to resort to temporary crowd funding methods. A source …

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