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Western Digital launches WD Black PCIe SSDs


Western Digital has been expanding into the SSD market throughout 2016 and it looks like the company wants to take things even further this year as this week, WD unveiled its first ever PCIe SSDs at CES, expanding the current lineup which already includes WD Green and WD Blue branded …

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Seagate launches ‘world’s fastest’ SSD

Seagate has just announced what it says is the ‘world's fastest' SSD, capable of 10Gbps throughput. Seagate's new drive is compliant with the Open Compute Project specification and makes use of the NVMe protocol, allowing it to achieve these massive speeds. According to Seagate, this SSD is ‘production ready' so …

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Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB PCIe NVMe Review

The push for greater performance from storage devices is seeing enthusiast drives transition towards PCIe-linked connections for increased bandwidth. While faster hardware is great, on paper, it is of limited use if the surrounding ecosystem is unable to put the performance increases to effective use. That's where the SSD-optimised Non-Volatile …

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OCZ unveils workstation/enthusiast PCIe SSD with 1.8GB/s performance

OCZ Storage Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corp., on Thursday introduced a new RevoDrive 350 solid-state drive with PCI Express interface that is designed for workstations and enthusiast-class personal computers. The new SSDs feature incredible performance previously obtainable only from enterprise-class drives. OCZ RevoDrive 350 is powered by four …

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