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Samsung wants you to triple box your returning Note 7

Samsung's saga of dealing with smartphones that self-combust might be winding down now that it has officially killed off the flagship smartphone, but it's not quite over yet. It still needs to recall all of the Note 7's out in the wild and to make sure they don't damage anything …

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Tesla scales back car automation, for now

Although most analysts believe that full vehicle automation won't be ready until 2020, Tesla recently jumped the gun and introduced its take on the feature back in October last year to mixed praise and concern. In line with the latter response, Tesla has now released an update which restricts where …

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Amazon drops ‘hoverboards’ amid safety fears

This year's celebrity Instagram phenomenon has arguably been the ‘hoverboard,' the Segway, swegway, Elite-Board… whatever you know it by: the two wheeled, self balance board. It's been tearing it up in social media posts and many real-world people have enjoyed them too, but amid safety concerns, Amazon has now stopped …

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Study claims dashboard cameras are latest road safety vogue

As much as car companies are touting automated features like autonomous emergency braking, lane assist and smart cruise control as important safety systems that could severely cut back on road collisions, they aren't as big a focus for consumers as you might expect. Drivers are more interested in dashboard cameras …

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CAA threatens jail time after another drone near-miss

The Civil Aviation Authority, which directly and indirectly handles all sorts of aircraft regulation within the UK, has announced that any drone users found to be endangering other aircraft will be prosecuted and could face up to five years in jail if convicted. This follows on from another instance where …

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Obama critical over Chinese net security terrorism laws

US President Barack Obama has criticised Chinese plans to implement new anti-terror laws which would see all tech firms doing business in the country forced to hand over encryption keys and to provide back doors in software to allow the military to gain digital access to whatever they want.  While …

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