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PewDiePie launches game dev, promo firm with other Youtubers

Felix Kjelberg, more famously known as the most popular Youtuber Pewdiepie, is launching a new promotional firm and production company in one, called Revelmode. He's bringing some friends with him too, signing on other big Youtubers like Mark “Markiplier” Fishbach, Sean “JackSepticEye” McLoughlin and Emma Blackery. The idea behind Revelmode …

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Overkill apologises over recent Payday 2 updates

These last few weeks haven't been great for Overkill Studios. The team decided to silently put microtransactions in to the game, which caused a lot of uproar amongst players. Then things got worse when additional bonuses were added to the new microtransaction system, which caused the game's Steam Forum mods …

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Lionhead Studios reveals canceled game InkQuest

Lionhead Studios, the developer behind the Fable series, has revealed InkQuest, a now canceled game from the studio's lesser known ‘incubation team', which is in charge of experimenting with new game ideas and showing them off to gauge public reaction. The Microsoft owned development company has been dabbling in new …

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Movie studios want Google to censor Mega

In a move that shouldn't be a surprise at this point, several major movie studios have asked Google to remove Kim Dotcom's Mega site from its search engines, claiming that the file locker is hosting copyright protected content without permission. However, it's not individual file links that the studios want …

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