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SWIFT bank hackers may be linked to 2014 Sony hack

The hackers behind the recent attack on a Bangladeshi bank that saw over $81 million siphoned away, may have also been responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony’s servers, which has previously been blamed on North Korea. The anti-malware company behind this latest claim, also believes the group was behind …

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Apple open-sources its benchmarking software for Swift

Apple has announced today that it is open-sourcing the benchmarking tools which are used to measure performance of code and software written using the Swift programming language. The tools have already been published on GitHub under the open-source Apache license much like the rest of Swift. The announcement was made …

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KitGuru Reader Awards – You have spoken!

Hot on the heels of the KitGuru Editorial Awards, we have just completed counting on the very first KitGuru Reader Awards! We want to thank the army of readers who took the survey – we very much appreciate the time you spent telling us your favourite products. Since we launched …

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Apple’s Swift programming language is going open source

Apple revealed quite a bit of information last night at its annual WWDC event. One particularly interesting bit of news was that Apple’s programming language, Swift, is going to make the switch to open source, bringing support for iOS, OS  X and Linux. Swift was revealed by Apple last year …

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Asus debuts new 27in gaming monitor

There’s going to be a lot of new tech on show for the next few days thanks to CES, but not all of it is applicable to a gaming, enthusiast audience like yourselves. Fortunately though, some of it is and one piece of tech that’s caught out eye is the …

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NASA takes a closer look at super-bright comet

Researchers at the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP) have been using the Swift telescope to take a closer look at ISON, a comet that could be the brightest one for the past 50 years – though it won’t hit its peak luminosity until it grazes the sun, at a …

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