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Computex 2018: Hands on with MSI motherboards, monitors and more

Before heading home after a long week in Taipei, both Leo and Briony stopped by MSI's booth at Computex 2018. They got hands on with all sorts of tech, including X399 motherboards, 240Hz monitors with RGB lighting, as well as a whole range of new peripherals.

The first thing to catch Leo's eye was the Meg X399 Creation motherboard. This is obviously designed for Threadripper CPUs, and its headline feature is its whopping 16+3 power phase design. Given that we now believe there won't be a X499 chipset, this beefy power delivery system should ensure compatibility with upcoming 32-core Threadripper CPUs.

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We then moved over to look at some of MSI's monitors – a relatively new venture for the company. Not only did we see the Optix MPG27C that KiGuru has recently reviewed, but there were also a couple of new models. These include the Oculux NXG251, a compact 24.5in monitor with a whopping 240Hz refresh rate that is coupled with support for G-Sync. We also got hands-on with the Optix MAG271CR, another curved 27in model with a 144Hz refresh-rate and RGB lighting. This model is unique in that it can be controlled via an app on your phone, allowing you to turn it off or disable the lighting without having to get off the sofa and move across the room.

Moving back to motherboards, the new B450 chipset boards also caught Leo's eye. First up was the B450 Tomahawk which has a new larger chipset heatsink, as well as another heatsink that is so large it extends over the rear I/O. However, speaking of I/O, Leo was concerned by the lack of any DisplayPort video output as that is surely a backwards step in 2018. For those looking for something slightly more basic, the B450-A Pro obviously retains the same B450 chipset, but makes a few cosmetic and internal header changes to keep pricing down.

Elsewhere, Briony also took a look of plenty of new peripherals from MSI. You can read our full story on this new range over here, but for those who want a quick recap, we saw a new mouse, two new keyboards and one very funky headset stand.

The new mouse is named the GM50, and comes with a price tag of $59.99. It has a relatively large ergonomic shape, while keeping the weight to just 93g. It is also notable that the GM50's RGB lighting is controlled from the mouse itself, meaning there is no need for any extra software. If you are looking for a new mouse mat to go along with the GM50, MSI was also showcasing a soft RGB mat for just $39.

Moving onto the GK60 – the first of MSI's new mechanical keyboards – this will cost $109.99 and has a raft of impressive features for the price. These include Cherry MX switches, an aluminium top-plate and – of course – RGB lighting. There is also an emphasis on the anti-slip keyboard feet positioned on the underside of the board, as MSI reckons too many boards wobble when you hint the space key too hard.

We also saw another new keyboard – the GK50 – which is interesting given it sports low-profile Kailh switches. Both Cooler Master and Ducky have unveiled low-profile keyboards that use the new Cherry MX Low-Profile switch, so the fact that MSI is using Kailh switches instead is definitely noteworthy. The board also sports RGB lighting and an aluminium top-plate, while the underside of the keyboard has a dedicated cable management channel to allow for cleaner routing of your mouse/headset wires.

Lastly, in what turned out to be one of Briony's favourite products from Computex 2018, we also saw a concept headset stand named Gaming Premium Stacker. The cool thing about this is its wireless Qi charging base, as well as the unique holographic display which can be used to show system information like CPU usage, or display a custom logo. This is only a concept at the minute, though, so we don't have any information on pricing or availability.

KitGuru says: There was a lot of things to see at the MSI booth, with that unique headset stand proving to be one of Briony's favourite products of the week. Let us know if anything else caught your eye.

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