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Even Microsoft thinks patent lawsuits are silly

Microsoft has always appears to be against patent lawsuits and attempting to get injunctions against competitors’ products. So much so, earlier this year we learnt that Microsoft turns over more revenue from patent licencing fees from the likes of Samsung and HTC than it gets from its own Windows Phone 7 …

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HTC waves goodbye to Qualcomm exclusivity

From the very first HTC manufactured Android smartphone, the Dream, to the present day HTC has only used Qualcomm chipsets in its Android smartphones and tablets. This will soon change; rumours of a Tegra 3 powered smartphone have been floating around the world wide web for a few months and it …

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Samsung might be working on a Galaxy camera

When you last used a digital camera you may have considered that the firmware they run on is often clunky, slow and generally just plain poor. Finding any specific setting is often unnerving and it appears that Samsung has realised this; they may be planning a Android powered camera. This comes after …

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Google’s answer to cloud storage launching soon

Google has a massive ecosystem, they cover everything from mobile operating systems to blogs. Perhaps the one and only thing I can think of that they have been missing so far is a cloud storage system and if recent reports are to be believed this will soon be changing. According …

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Chrome for Android will never have Flash support

Following last night’s news that Google Chrome for Android had launched, Adobe has come out and publicly said that Flash will never be supported in the Chrome for Android browser. To some this may come as a surprise but last November Adobe said that they will no longer develop Flash for mobile …

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Prepare for Facebook Ads on mobile applications

Earlier in the month Facebook filed for an initial public offering (IPO) and are looking to generate more revenue from its mobile applications and mobile version according to an online report. Just under half of the of Facebook’s 845 million monthly active users browse Facebook from mobile devices such as …

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Samsung Galaxy S III to be just 7mm thin

Galaxy S III Mockup

At CES earlier in the year the general consensus was that “thin is in.” This applied to everything from new Smart TVs to smartphones. At the same time, Huawei announced the thinnest smartphone ever, the Ascend P1 S smartphone which is just 6.7mm thin while still packing hardware roughly equivalent …

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