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Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB Review

The GTX750 Ti launch has been very positive for Nvidia. While AMD have been tweaking solutions from a couple of years ago Nvidia released the completely new Maxwell architecture, designed to deliver minimal power consumption and heat output.

The reference GTX 750 Ti is a fantastic price focused graphics card, although Nvidia custom partner solutions so far have been remarkable. The Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual reviewed today adopts a dual fan cooling solution with a massive core overclock – to just over 1,200mhz. Palit have completely overhauled the reference design, replacing the 1,250mhz rated Hynix memory with high grade Samsung GDDR5, clocked much higher … at 1,502mhz (6Gbps effective).

In real world terms, the Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB is the fastest GTX 750 Ti we have tested, outperforming the MSI GTX750 TI OC Twin Frozr by a clear margin. In some of our tests today, the Palit GTX750 Ti actually managed to outperform the Sapphire R7 265 – which other partner cards failed to accomplish.

Frame rate performance is not the only selling point of the Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual 2GB. Under load, the card is quiet, and it runs very cool at all times, peaking at 57c when gaming. That said, the MSI Twin Frozr cooler is clearly superior, thanks to the thick heatpipes and larger heatsink. Some might say the MSI Twin Frozr cooler is actually overkill for the GTX750 Ti, but we commend MSI for wanting to supply the best cooler they possibly could.

The Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX Dual has still no requirement for an external PCI e power connector, so it takes all the power it needs from the PCIe slot on the motherboard. When gaming, the solution only demands 60 watts of power which is truly exceptional.

If you are in the market for the fastest possible GTX 750 ti, then the Palit GTX750 Ti StormX Dual should one of your final shortlist choices. At only £107.94 from DABS, it is a truly fantastic price to performance purchase.

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  • Quiet.
  • massive ‘out of the box’ overclock.
  • good cooling proficiency.
  • Samsung GDDR5 memory is clocked at 1,500mhz
  • additional overclocking headroom.
  • very competitively priced.
  • Can compete on a frame rate basis with AMD’s R7 265.


  • No SLi capability.

Kitguru says: At under £110 this is one of the best value for money graphics cards you can buy. It is very quiet, demands very little power and runs cool.

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Rating: 9.0.

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