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Air Cooler Challenge – 7 Way Round-Up

Alpenfohn Atlas

The Alpenfohn Atlas is a curious beast with a street price of around £43. This split tower design is rated at 200W TDP with twin 92mm PWM fans, one in the middle and one on the outside. Mounting this cooler on an AMD motherboard is easy enough as Alpenfohn supplies a decent array of hardware, however the cooler points up or down and cannot be oriented front to back so you really need a case that is ventilated to exhaust hot air upwards. No matter what you do one of the fans will be very close to the rear of your graphics card.

For LGA115x you use the back plate, four studs, spacers and side rails in the usual way and then hold down the cooler with the cross bar. The mounts work well and the cooler can point in either direction.

The fundamental problem with the Atlas is that it is fairly wide and the two small fans run up to 1,800rpm and are relatively noisy. This wouldn’t be the end of the world if the Atlas was an especially good cooler, however this is not the case.


Intel LGA115x support Yes
Intel LGA1366 support Yes
Intel LGA2011 support Yes
Intel LGA775 support Yes
AMD AMx/FMx support Yes
TDP rating 200W
Base of cooler Copper
Heat sink Split mini aluminium tower
Heatpipes 5 x 6mm heatpipes
Supplied fans Two 92mm fans
Fan speed 400rpm-1,800rpm
Fan bearings Hydraulic
Air flow 37cfm
Noise levels 8dBA-24.3dBA
Dimensions 125mm (H) x 105mm (W) x 140mm (D)
Weight 650g
Warranty Not given

Product Shots

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-BoxKitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Cooler KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Fittings KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Populated

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Mounted-No-Fans KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Mounted-Side-View KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Mounted KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Alpenfon-Atlas-Mounted-Side-View-Populated

This cooler is rated at 200W TDP and while it did passably well with the FX-8370 and Core i7-4820K at stock clocks, it struggled with the FX-9590 at stock and the overclocked Core i7-4820K.

Alpenfohn Atlas Temps KitGuru

KitGuru Says: Alpenfohn Atlas uses a novel form factor but that doesn’t seem to deliver any particular benefit.

Score: 5 out of 10
Award: Best Avoided

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