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Air Cooler Challenge – 7 Way Round-Up

Prolimatech Basic 81

The Prolimatech Basic 81 is aimed at the mainstream and is supplied with mounts for Intel LGA115x and LGA2011 so you can forget about LGA1366, LGA775 and AMD. It is a tower cooler with six heatpipes and a single 120mm fan. At the time of testing, it was £34.99.

We found the installation instructions were not especially clear and the two sets of screws for LGA115x or LGA2011 were not labelled. Once you figure out which thread size is correct you mount two side rails (using a back plate with LGA115x) and then mount the cooler. The hardware looks a bit crude but fits well and does a decent job. The rails can be arranged so the cooler mounts in either direction.

For LGA115x you have a back plate, spacers, side rails, screws, a cross bar and two more screws which is pretty conventional however the nature of Prolimatech’s hardware means this isn’t really a job you want to carry out inside your case.

We found the way the wire fan clips hook on the outside of the fan meant they could conflict with your RAM. There are spare clips in the package so you could install a second fan if you choose and you also get a choice of fan sizes as you get four clips for 120mm and four for 140mm fans.


Intel LGA115x support Yes
Intel LGA1366 support No
Intel LGA2011 support Yes
Intel LGA775 support No
AMD AMx/FMx support No
TDP rating Not given
Base of cooler Copper
Heat sink Aluminium tower
Heatpipes 6 x 6mm heatpipes
Supplied fans 120mm fan
Fan speed 600rpm-1,600rpm
Fan bearings Double ball bearing
Air flow Not given
Noise levels Not given
Dimensions 158mm (H) x 75mm (W) x 130mm (D)
Weight 900g
Warranty Not given

Product Shots

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-cooler-2  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-cooler-1  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounting

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounting-sabre  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounting-Close-Up  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounted-no-fan KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounted

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounted-sid-0fan  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-ProLimaTech-Basic-81-Mounted-side

The Basic name doesn’t really do justice to the  Prolimatech Basic 81 as it does a decent job. It kept our Core i7-4820K at 40 degrees at stock clocks. When we overclocked the temperature rose to 68 degrees which is respectably close to the 62 degrees managed by Deepcool and Phanteks. The fan operated at less than 1,200rpm and noise levels were admirably quiet.

Prolimatech Basic 81 Temps KitGuru

KitGuru Says: Prolimatech Basic 81 performed better than we expected however the Phanteks is only slightly more expensive and is a significantly better package.

Score: 8 out of 10

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