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G.Skill Ripjaws4 2400MHz 32GB DDR4 Memory Kit Review

We test the memory kit’s performance at the 2666MHz (100MHz BCLK) overclocked settings. The stock speed results are graphed to show the performance gains (if any) that are obtained from overclocking.

OC bandwidth-

OC latency_

OC Bioshock

A simple 266MHz DRAM frequency increase adds around 8% to the memory bandwidth numbers. 4.6ns (around 7%) is shaved off the memory latency thanks to the faster clock rate.

Albeit a minute tenth of a frame (around 0.1%) increase in Bioshock Infinite performance, 2666MHz with CL15 timings running off the 100MHz BCLK seems to be a sweet-spot for all-round memory performance. Games which utilise system memory to a greater extent may show heavier performance increases from the higher clock rate.

Users with memory-intensive workloads can benefit from the free performance boosts that require little more than a few voltage increases.

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