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ASRock X99 WS-E/10G Motherboard Review

The ASRock X99 WS-E/10G is an expensive motherboard – one of the most pricey you can currently purchase. It’s at least 50 per cent more costly than most X99 chipset motherboards, and two or three times the price of many. However, it’s worth considering that a 10Gbit Ethernet network interface card will set you back at least £200, and this motherboard has two of them built in. So if you will be using the 10Gbit networking the price perhaps isn’t so extortionate.

However, if you’re merely an enthusiast, even the draw of quad SLI and CrossFire X capabilities won’t make this price worth paying. This is clearly a motherboard that is packed with features for high-end professional usage, and has lots of potential for workstations.

X99 WS-E10G(L1)

However, the star of the show is the 10Gbit Ethernet, and while this entirely lived up to our performance expectations, you will need a 10Gbit Ethernet networking infrastructure to take advantage of it. And if you don’t already have this or plan to invest soon, there are many excellent and much cheaper alternatives without the super-fast networking, including a non-10Gbit Ethernet version of this board called the ASRock X99 WS-E.

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  • Amazing 10Gbit Ethernet networking performance
  • Four networking ports – two 10Gbit, two Gigabit.
  • Supports quad SLI and CrossFire X.
  • Simple frequency enhancement presets.
  • Ample SATA and Disk on Module provisions.
  • Onboard power buttons and debug LEDs.
  • Dual BIOS with backup copy function.
  • Comprehensive UEFI BIOS configuration options.


  • Very expensive.
  • No USB 3.1.
  • Just one SATA Express port.

KitGuru says: The ASRock X99 WS-E/10G shows what 10Gbit Ethernet is capable of. It’s a premium quality, feature-rich motherboard, although it also costs a fortune.


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Rating: 8.0.

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