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ASRock X99 WS-E/10G Motherboard Review

Maxon Cinebench R15

Although this isn’t really an enthusiast motherboard, being X99 and having a Core i7 processor installed, it still supports overclocking, which professional workstation manufacturers will often call “frequency enhanced”. We set the ASRock to its standard overclocked processor and RAM XMP level with the Core i7 and memory installed, which was 4.07GHz for the 5930K. We then tried the 4.4GHz Optimised preset. The results are shown here.


There are clear benefits from the two overclocking modes, both of which are easy to select and proved entirely stable during testing. With a 20 per cent multi-threaded performance boost available from the 4.4GHz setting, if you have good enough cooling then it’s a no brainer to use this option. Indeed, many workstation manufacturers offer this kind of clock speed guaranteed for three years with Haswell E Core i7 processors, so it’s clearly not going to cause major problems.

MaxonCinebenchR15_Stock_CPU MaxonCinebenchR15_4.07_CPUMaxonCinebenchR15_4.4_CPU

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