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Shuttle XPC Nano NC02U5 Barebones Review

Cinebench R15

To first test the i5-6200U processor, I ran Cinebench R15.



Interestingly, the Skylake i5 used here in the XPC Nano NC02U5 operates at about 80% of the speed of the latest i7-7500U – in Cinebench R15, at least.


Next, I ran Handbrake, where I ask the CPU to encode a 1.8GB full-HD video file, outputting it to the specifications as determined by the in-built ‘iPhone preset’.


In Handbrake, the i5-6200U is also not too far off the newer i7-7500U. A total encode time of 5:51 is not breathtakingly fast, but it is decent for such a small device.

SiSoft Sandra arithmetic

The last test for the CPU, I ran Sisoft Sandra’s arithmetic test – a synthetic benchmark.



Lastly, Sandra Arithmetic follows the same trend we have already seen. The i7-7500U is obviously faster – but as both chips are dual-core with HyperThreading, the main difference in the results is due to the lesser clock speed of the i5 CPU.

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