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Acer Liquid Jade Smartphone Review

The design of the phone is elegant yet frustrating. The first thing we noticed is just how light the Liquid Jade is – 110g. It may not sound amazing, but when you remember that this is 2g lighter than the iPhone 5, but still a whole inch bigger, it is simply incredible.

The phone weighs so little it’s almost a fault – you could forget it’s in your pocket whilst moving around, it is that light for a 5″ phone.
Another fantastic part of the design is how thin the Liquid Jade is – just 7.5mm. To continue the comparison, this is only 0.1mm thicker than the iPhone 5, despite packing in a larger battery. However, this is somewhat let down by the fact that the rear camera protrudes from the back of the device – not much, just enough to mean the Liquid Jade won’t lie flat if you set it down. It’s annoying but not a major flaw.

Annoyances occur in other areas – like the glossy black plastic. This covers the entire back of the phone, as well as the front bezel. It reflects everything and picks up the slightest of fingerprint smudges and other greasy imprints – and that’s only the appearance.
The device feels cheap when held in hand and can slip down your palm quite easily. It’s clear that Acer cut costs with the build materials – which is only partially remedied by the sleekness and weight of the phone.

To complete the design, an on/off switch at the top of the device continues the comparison with the iPhone 5, whilst a volume rocker is on the top-right edge. On the top-left edge is a handy SIM card tray which can just slide out – no need for a small pin which is useful. The standard microUSB port at the bottom-right of the phone is the last point to mention.

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