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Acer Liquid Jade Smartphone Review

Embedded into the sleek frame of the Liquid Jade is a 5″ HD (1280*720) IPS display. This is arguably the phone’s best feature – we couldn’t fault this display.

The 720p resolution is crisp across the 5″ screen, equating to 294 PPI. This is definitely enough – we tend to think around the 300 PPI mark is very sharp. It’s not the eye-popping FHD display found on other 5″ phones such as the HTC One M8 or the Nexus 5 – but the Liquid Jade comes in at less than half the price of those flagships, so we can’t expect the same quality here.

The IPS panel means viewing angles are good – in fact we were very impressed with this aspect of the phone. Colours didn’t distort at all when holding the phone at an angle, whilst text remained clear and readable – making reading on the phone easy. This is impressive as some cheaper handsets can have awful viewing angles.
The weakest area of the display is the brightness level – on full brightness it can be a strain to use on a sunny day outside, whilst the automatic brightness feature tended to be too bright indoors. On the whole, though, this display is very good.

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