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Acer Liquid Jade Smartphone Review

On the whole, we weren’t quite sure what to make of the Acer Liquid Jade. It does everything you’d want a smartphone to do and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the phone, but it feels there’s nothing so great about it either.

Everything works, but it lacks a standout feature. The display is certainly the strongest aspect of the device, and for £159 it’s good, with crisp colours and a strong 294 PPI level, but other areas let it down.

The UI for instance is dull and unappealing. It works fine and doesn’t miss out any key features, there’s just no verve to it, or excitement when using it.

And it was the same for most of the phone’s other aspects. When the camera’s shots weren’t too dark they were out of focus, for example. The battery, too, couldn’t deliver regular use for a whole day, whilst the phone’s performance was just that fraction too slow for our liking.

Granted, it is breathtakingly light, and this is certainly a positive. However, we feel it’s no good making a beautiful phone if it can’t see you through the day. When it comes to the Liquid Jade, it’s just not quite up to scratch.

You can buy the Liquid Jade directly from Acer for £159 inc VAT.

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  • Super light.
  • HD display is crisp across the 5″ screen.


  • 13MP camera doesn’t deliver.
  • Battery life is below par.
  • Performance isn’t as good as similarly-priced phones.
  • UI is unattractive.
  • Glossy finish.

KitGuru says: Acer haven’t made an awful phone with the Liquid Jade, it’s just not up to the same standard as other similarly-priced phones in the market. Right now the second-gen Moto G seems your best bet for £150.

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Rating: 6.5.

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