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Vodafone Smart Tab 4G Tablet Review

The Smart Tab 4G features a 5MP primary camera, which shoots at a native resolution of 2560*1684. There is also a 2MP secondary camera.

The included Vodafone camera app is very limited, but it will take standard photos, as well as panoramas. A night mode is also included, which is certainly appreciated given the price of the Smart Tab 4G.

The photos themselves are surprisingly decent. Tablets tend not to prioritise their camera capabilities, and this is especially evident with cheaper devices.

However, the Smart Tab 4G takes good all-round photos. The auto-exposure is smart, meaning images are well lit. Colour reproduction is also fairly rich, but the level of detail is lacking. We would not expect more than 5MP on a tablet, and certainly not at this price, but as it is, photos are not very crisp.

Still, it is a decent shooter for the money and will take acceptable photos.

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