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Firefox continues to recover as IE, Safari falter

Desktop browser usage was once dominated by Internet Explorer, but those days are long gone. Today Chrome rules the roost and as Internet Explorer usage took a huge dip in 2016, many of those transitioned over to the Google browser. However at the tail end of the year Firefox began …

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Russian hackers leak U.S. athlete doping test data


WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, confirmed yesterday that its databases had been hacked and confidential medical data, some of it on U.S. olympic athletes, had been stolen. Worse still, this hack is actually being laid at the feet of the Russian government, with some claiming it's revenge for WADA's attempt …

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Nvidia unveils Pascal GTX Titan X a month early


By all accounts, Nvidia was expected to unveil its uber-high-end Pascal GTX Titan-X at Gamescom in August, but out of the blue it dropped last night. Nvidia came bearing images, specs and a swanky video trailer. At this point it would be weird if hardware launched without one. Nvidia terms this …

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Hitman has been delayed until 2016

IO Interactive was due to launch a new Hitman this December, with a confusing release scheme that would see a portion of the game come out at launch, with updates added over time to finish off the story and keep people playing. However, it seems that more time is needed and …

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The Division has now been delayed until 2016

Ubisoft has revealed that one of its upcoming games, Tom Clancy's The Division, has been delayed once again. The title which was delayed until 2014 around this time last year. Now the game has been pushed back further, targeting a Q1 2016 release window. The Publisher's quarterly financial report revealed …

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Quantum Break delayed until 2016

One of Microsoft’s big new IP launches set for the Xbox One, Quantum Break, has been delayed until 2016. The game is being developed by Remedy Games, the same studio behind Allan Wake. Initially, the game was supposed to coincide with a live-action series. While a live-action series set to …

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