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YouTube to stop direct video uploads from webcams

Over the years, Google has tried out a number of features with YouTube, some of which don’t necessarily take off. One of these features happens to be the ability to upload video footage to the site directly from a Webcam, though this infrequently used feature will be going away for …

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Microsoft hints at digital sharing comeback

When the Xbox One was first announced, being able to digitally share games with friends and family was one of the few stand out features the console had that gamers supported. However, upon being forced to reverse its online policies, Microsoft removed the sharing feature and until now, we had …

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Microsoft: we need to do more work to talk

Microsoft’s chief product officer for the Xbox One, Marc Whitten, has spoken out in an interview with IGN, about how he feels Microsoft failed to communicate the real message of its next-gen console and that that’s the reason for the flip-flopping behaviour of the company. ““I think it’s pretty simple. …

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