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Razer to honour Ouya Free the Games funding commitments

Although the Android Ouya console failed to make the splash its developers hoped, one aspect of its platform did impress a lot of indies: its Free the Game promotion. With it, Ouya promised to match whatever developers were able to raise on Kickstarter from a million dollar fund. The plan …

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Razer buys Ouya’s software, storefront – drops hardware

Ouya is a great example that a successful Kickstarter campaign does not necessarily lead to a successful product. Despite its little Android console offering a decent game library, small form factor hardware and an innovative store-front, it just didn't take off. Now though it will have a chance to live …

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Man at Arms forges real life Squall’s Gunblade

As ridiculous as the idea of a sword that can do a little more damage at point blank range by having a revolver in its handle is, it was still the most badass thing that I'd ever seen when I first played through Final Fantasy VIII in the late 90s. Combine …

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