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TalkTalk fined £400,000 for poor security practises


It has been almost a year since TalkTalk suffered a huge cyber attack, in which the personal information of over 150,000 customers was stolen. Now, the UK-based ISP has to face the consequences, as the firm has been fined a record £400,000 for poor security practices, which left consumer data …

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Zerodium ups iOS bug bounties to $1.5 million


Cybersecurity bug-hunting firm Zerodium has announced that it’s increased its payouts for bug bounties on iOS v 10, to $1.5 million (£1.16 million) from $1 million. The reason it’s now put a higher price on those exploits’ heads, is because iOS 10 is harder to crack than previous iterations, so …

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Tesla patches remote braking hack flaw found in Model S


Tesla has released a hotfix for its Model S electric car to close a potentially nasty hole in its security, which could have allowed hackers to remotely take control of the vehicle’s Controller Area Network. The researchers who discovered it even showed themselves remotely activating the brakes of a Model S …

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The Epic Games forum has been hacked again


In mid-July last year the Epic Games forum had been hacked, leaving thousands of users compromised. Now, just over a year later, history has repeated itself, this time though, over 800,000 logins have been stolen. Records of private messages, email addresses and more were also taken in the attack according …

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Dota 2 forum hacked, around 2 million users affected


It looks like the official Dota 2 forum has been targeted by hackers as the site was apparently breached last month, with nearly two million user records accessed, which include email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and usernames. News of the leak first appeared on Leaked Source, a site that gives …

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Cracks appear in Denuvo’s armour for the first time


The bane of game crackers the world over, Denuvo, may have finally begun to weaken in the face of an onslaught of hacking attempts, as several titles protected by the game have now appeared on popular sharing sites, fully playable. Rise of the Tomb Raider however, appears to have been …

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Bitcoin value falls after $77 million exchange hack


Bitcoin value has plummeted once again after $77 million worth of the digital currency was stolen during a hack on the Hong-Kong based exchange, Bitfinex. The security breach was discovered on Tuesday, all transactions have been suspended and an investigation is under way. In an update on the exchange website, …

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Oculus CEO hacked using four year-old MySpace password

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR, has become the latest technology executive to have his social media accounts hacked, with a particular individual claiming responsibility for it on Twitter, announcing themselves as the new head of Oculus. Purportedly, they were able to crack his accounts by discovering his four-year …

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Hacker teases Wikileaks document dump from U.S. Democratic party

A lone hacker has come forward and claimed responsibility for the hack of the U.S. Democratic party servers, something that digital security firm Crowdstrike claimed was the result of Russian state sponsored hackers. The lone hacker claims to have everything from financial data on donations, to a report on Donald Trump. Earlier …

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Utorrent’s forums were hacked, change your passwords

The forum for the world’s most popular torrent client, Utorrent, has been hacked, leading to the possiblity of the 388,000 registered members’ passwords being revealed. The administrators have released this notice as a warning that passwords have been compromised and should be changed, especially if they are re-used anywhere else. HaveIBeenPwnd is …

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SWIFT bank hackers may be linked to 2014 Sony hack

The hackers behind the recent attack on a Bangladeshi bank that saw over $81 million siphoned away, may have also been responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony’s servers, which has previously been blamed on North Korea. The anti-malware company behind this latest claim, also believes the group was behind …

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Update: TeamViewer comments on hacking claims

Update: TeamViewer responded to our requests for comment with the following: “TeamViewer is appalled by any criminal activity; however, the source of the problem, according to our research, is careless use, not a potential security breach on TeamViewer’s side,” it said in a statement. It also clarified that TeamViewer has …

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Courts order Mega to hand over U.S. user data

Kim Dotcom’s second file locker project (now disowned), Mega, has been hit with a court order in the U.S. demanding that the site hand over the user information for certain accounts. This comes after sensitive, foreign government documents were found on the site after a hack. This court action could be …

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Google and Yahoo investigating 272 million stolen logins

Earlier this week, a security researcher revealed that millions upon millions of Google, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts were being actively traded on the black market. Following on from this news, Google and Yahoo have both said that they are now looking into the breach that saw 272 million account login …

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Spotify user data shows up online but was apparently not hacked

This week, a Pastebin post containing hundreds of Spotify account credentials popped up online, leading many to believe that the music streaming service had fallen victim to some kind of hack. Information released included usernames, passwords, emails amongst other details but no payment information was leaked. However, it seems that …

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Someone got Counter-Strike running on a Android smartphone

You can do a lot with smart devices these days and while it is always interesting to see Minecraft or Half-Life running on a smartwatch, it is obviously not particularly playable. However, you can play Counter-Strike 1.6 now on an Android smartphone, with all of the necessary controls and everything. …

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Panama Papers law firm raided by police

The law firm, Mossack Fonseca, that was the source of all of the recent information leaked during the Panama Papers reveal, has been raided by Panamanian police. The raid was said to have gone smoothly, “without incident or interference,” though since the original leak, Mossack Fonseca executives have denied any …

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Don’t get phished because they know your home address

Phishing emails are still one of the most effective methods of capturing people’s personal details without them realising it. It was how the Fappening came about and countless leaks and hacks have been possible purely because people were tricked. So make sure you’re extra vigilant in the future, as a …

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Pirate Party could take control of Iceland following Panama leak

Update: The Icelandic Prime Minister, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, has now officially announced his resignation. His deputy will continue on his stead until a new leader can be chosen. The Panama Papers leak which has painted targets on the backs of many of the world’s leading politicians with suggestions of corruption and …

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DayZ cheat sellers sure do make a lot of money

Cheat subscriptions and premium hacks aren’t anything particularly new when it comes to multiplayer games on the PC. However, there isn’t much known about the business side of these sellers, it’s not like they announce their earnings publicly or anything like that. However, it turns out that Bohemia Interactive has …

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