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US to bring sanctions against hacker nations

The last year has revealed a lot of stories of nefarious hacking, with a good number of them seemingly sponsored by one nation or another. More often than not too, those actions – like the one against Sony – target US facilities and companies, which is why, despite its own efforts …

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Amazon might be buying an Israeli chip maker

Amazon might soon be dropping another few hundred million on a hardware firm and this time it's to do with internals. Purportedly the deal is for a $370 million (£244 million) buyout of Israeli chipmaker Annapurna Labs, which will not only see Amazon take over the company, but also begin …

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Samsung to post first profit drop in years

Korean electronics giant Samsung, has confirmed reports that it is heading for its first drop in annual profits since 2011, with its market share dipping all the way until September last year. However, a mild resurgence near the Christmas period may have saved it from a complete washout. Of course …

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The market is moving to commodity processors – writer

The world of processing units is altering. With the ARM architecture entering the market of servers and the Power architecture available for licensing by third parties, a lot is going to change within the next five years. Thanks to the fact that similar processing technologies will be available from different …

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Huawei to open £125 million research facility in UK

Huawei, the Chinese firm in charge of restricting its countrymens' access to content – and big favourite of David Cameron – has announced it will be opening a £125 million research and development centre in the UK, despite concerns that the company may be too closely linked to the Chinese …

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LG fails to meet targets after awful TV sales


LG Electronics, one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the world, has missed its financial targets by a wide margin, after it managed during 2012's Christmas period, to make just ten percent of what it did during the same time last year on TV sales. It's not all LG's fault …

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Cliff Blezinski to set up own studio

Cliff Blezinski

Cliff Blezinski, the guy behind Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, left Epic Games in October and has been fielding offers from other studios left and right since. However, now he's suggesting that it's only a matter of time until he starts his own studio. At the time of his …

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