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Here’s a quick Kinect dictionary

The new Kinect bundled with the Xbox One has been relatively well received in terms of its effectiveness to pick up voice commands. Indeed, when it isn’t working, it could just be that your’e saying something it doesn’t understand – it only really knows 30 odd commands after all. Here’s …

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Next iPhone could have 3D technology

Apple users are known for getting rather excited about incremental updates to their latest handheld device, but the next-generation of iPhones and iPad’s could have a lot more – a whole extra dimension – if Apple decides to leverage the Israeli firm it purportedly just bought for a whopping $345 …

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Here’s what Kinect sees when it looks at you

The Kinect has been a funny old bit of hardware. While it has its uses, like dance games, it’s never really enamoured itself with a gaming public. Microsoft didn’t do it much of a service either, by suggesting earlier this year, that with the Xbox One it would always be …

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Kinect loves the British accent

One of the reasons Microsoft has been so adamant about including the Kinect motion tracking camera in its Xbox One bundles, is that it’ll give the console voice recognition right out of the box. However, that’s all well and good if you’re in Britain, where voice commands will be usable …

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Microsoft wants to do TV achievements next

If we all drew one thing from Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal, it’s that it loves TV and wants you to watch it through your Xbox. Despite the fact that people are watching more and more content via streaming and on demand services than ever before, Microsoft is continuing to invest …

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Fancy a pizza? Order it from your Xbox, with Kinect

Pizza Hut has introduced a new app for the Xbox 360, which allows users to order pizzas online and even design their own custom toppings with the use of Kinect. Whether this will evolve into some sort of social-network mini-game remains to be seen, but it does sound intriguing. “We’re …

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Kinect can now be used as a 3D scanner


Microsoft’s Kinect motion tracking camera wasn’t quite up to spec when it was first released, but its functionality has improved over the past couple of years, with regular SDK updates. The latest one that showed up today, 1.7, implements Fusion – a 3D scanning technique – and Kinect Interactions, which …

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Kinect add-on eye tracker doing well on Kickstarter


If you’ve been thinking that Microsoft’s Kinect should be capable of tracking your eye movements as much as your hands and feet, well you’re not alone. The guys from 4tiitoo are kickstarting a piece of kit called the NUIA eyeCharm, that slots over your Kinect and adds that tracking functionality; …

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More Kinects sold than Gamecubes

Fighters Uncaged

When you look at the number of consoles sold in this generation, with the 360 selling over 76 million units, the PS3 around the same and the Wii just shy of 100 million, it’s hard to imagine that the last generation saw such reduced figures – unless you look at …

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Microsoft running new team for future Kinect experiences


Microsoft is actively hunting for a new software development engineer, to join a team working on future Xbox Kinect experiences and one of the biggest requirements for the position, is a readiness to fail, fast. Forming as part of Microsoft’s entertainment division, the accepted applicant will be joining a team of “veterans” …

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Kinect might keep track of who’s watching movies

Kinect Hal 9000

Get your copies of 1984 at the ready people, as a patent entitled “Content Distribution Regulation by Viewing User,” that was registered in April 2011, has now been published for the first time and shows Microsoft’s Kinect technology being used to make sure only licensed viewers are watching a movie …

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The future of RPG gaming revealed

KitGuru’s latest addition to the team wishes everyone greetings from sunny California – home to gaming developers such as Nintendo, Sega, Square Enix, Blizzard, and Electronic Arts! Graphics, voice actors, music, game art, character design… so many elements make up video games.  They retain components of movies and books while …

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Microsoft sell 10 million Kinect – developers sign up

Microsoft held the MIX conference  this week and the hottest topic was body language. Yesterday Microsoft said that a new tool kit is coming for developers to build motion sensor applications to run on Windows and Kinect. Everyone who attended the conference got a free Kinect motion sensor. Kinect has …

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Microsoft sell 10 million Kinect – breaking world record

Microsoft may be floundering within the mobile space, but their Kinect device has just entered the Guinness World records as the fastest selling consumer electronics device. They have sold over 10 million units worldwide since it was released a short while ago. Microsoft are saying that they are selling over …

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Microsoft say Kinect will change how we use computers

Microsoft may be having some problems right now with Windows 7 Phone software, but in the land of gaming they are reaping the rewards, selling over 8 million Kinect units in 60 days. Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer says that the Kinect way of working offers a …

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Microsoft Kinect sells over 2.5 million units

Some analysts said that Microsoft’s Kinetic might not sell that well in the run up to Christmas, but clearly they have been proved wrong. Latest figures  after Black Friday sales in America show that the sensor has sold over 2.5 million units, already. 2.5 million units sold in such a …

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Microsoft sell 100,000 Kinect per day

Microsoft doomsayers will be very unhappy to read the latest statistics in from the company surrounding the release of the Kinect device for the Xbox 360. They claim to be selling 100,000 units every day since release. Microsoft claim that the 100,000 daily sales are set to increase as it …

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Microsoft claim Kinect sales will ‘blow away’ iPad

It is difficult for Microsoft executives not to mention Apple when it comes to achieving sales goals and once again they target the iPad as being the product to beat. Microsoft Game Studio manager Kudo Tsunda has said in a recent interview with Gamasutra that Kinetic is going to break …

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Microsoft Kinect too expensive?

Microsoft have been coming under attack due to the £129.99 price point on the Kinect Controller for the Xbox 360 – many feel this is just too much money for the device. Brett Siddons, Microsoft UK’s marketing manager spoke to Techradar and he says that the price was fair because …

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