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eBay CEO defends Google in EU anti-trust case

You have probably heard by now that the European Commission really has it out for Google and recently escalated its case against the company, which could result in a massive fine. However, it looks like at least eBay has Google's back, as CEO, John Donahoe has debunked the EU's monopoly …

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Facebook’s Internet.org branded corrupt, elitist

Mark Zuckberg, much like the social network he founded, has always been a relatively hypocritical figure. Where once he called privacy dead, he later went on to buy the houses around his own, simply so no one could see into his garden. In a similar instance, now he's being called …

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BT relaunches consumer mobile packages

Even though it still has to wait some time for industry regulators to give approval to its purchase of the UK's largest mobile network EE, BT has relaunched its own mobile packages for consumers. Unlike other operators however, it won't be offering any contract packages right off the bat, instead …

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EU considering Google proposal to dodge $5 billion fine

Google has submitted a new proposal to the European Commission, offering further concessions in an effort to avoid the biggest fine the EUC has ever threatened to give out: $5 billion. In it, Google offers to make it easier for advertisers to switch between search engines and for consumers to …

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