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OnePlus talks more on the OnePlus Two

The follow-up to the very popular OnePlus One smartphone, the OnePlus Two, is expected to launch later this year but so far, OnePlus hasn’t given away much. However, the company has finally revealed a few details about its upcoming flagship. Yesterday during a Reddit AMA, two OnePlus workers, David Sanmartin …

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Here is our first look at the OnePlus OxygenOS

You may have heard that OnePlus and Cyanogen had a bit of a falling out recently and as a result, the OnePlus Two will not use CyanogenMod OS but rather, a home-made operating system called OxygenOS. We now have our first look at what the OxygenOS will look like thanks …

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OnePlus reveals how many smartphones it has sold

The OnePlus One smartphone has been available for a while now through a pre-order invite system, meaning that they aren’t readily available for anyone to just buy. However, OnePlus has finally revealed just how many of its limited Android handsets it has managed to shift. It has been a long …

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