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Pluto is much more active than scientists thought

Following the New Horizons flyby of Pluto last week, data has been trickling in and showing us things about the dwarf planet we never knew before and it turns out we wrong about a lot of things. So much so in-fact that scientists that studied the far flung object have …

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New Horizons confirms Pluto is bigger than we thought

Poor Pluto. Once part of the collective of nine planets that make up our solar system, it was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2005, after the discovery of the larger Eris – a trans-Neptunian object – forced scientists to consider the formal definition of “planet;” unfortunately for Pluto it …

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NASA revives New Horizons probe after malfunction

Everyone excited to see what images the New Horizons probe is set to send back of Pluto, our erstwhile 8th planetary friend, can breathe a sigh of relief, as NASA scientists have managed to bring it back to life after a computer malfunction, just over a week out from its …

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NASA wants a clear path for Pluto probe

As NASA's New Horizons probe gets ever closer to its intended target of Pluto, where on the 14th July it is expected to complete its first flyby of the dwarf planet, scientists on the ground are scanning the inky blackness of space to make sure that it has a clear path. …

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New Horizons probe to begin Pluto snapshots

The New Horizon's probe has been sailing through the murky black of space for almost a decade, with little to report but some atmospheric and magnetosphere tests when receiving a gravity assist from Jupiter. That was all part of the plan though, to bring the space-craft into a nearby encounter …

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Sega Pluto prototypes rediscovered

Some of the rarest video games, consoles and accessories are prototypes that never made it into full production. Finding them in the wild is nearly impossible as they're usually in the basement/attic of a previously fired and (at the time) disgruntled employee, who decided they would take the latest and …

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