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Amiibo and Wii U game stock stolen from lorry

It turns out game ‘thieves' aren't always pirates or hackers, as there's still some real world ones out there. A lorry was hijacked while in transit between a Nintendo warehouse and GAME store and its stock of the Special Edition of third person shooter Splatoon and its accompanying amiibo, which …

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Green farms targeted by solar panel thieves

The last thing you would expect when it comes to helping make the planet greener, is that you might need to defend your efforts from opportunists, but that's just the problem being faced by Lincolnshire farmers at the moment. In the past few weeks, over 100 solar panels have have …

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UK Politician wants in-game thieves to be prosecuted

Conservative MP, Mike Weatherley, has called for in-game thieves to be prosecuted like real criminals. The UK politician is a World of Warcraft player himself and understands that in-game items can be traded for substantial amounts of real world cash. As a result, he has called upon parliament to consider …

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Illegal download of Crysis 2, version revealed

The hottest story this morning, is the news that Crysis 2 has been leaked and is presently cascading its viral way across the world's newsgroups and torrent sites. KitGuru has been inundated with information. Here's our latest update. When Doom 3 was going to launch, all those Martian moons ago, …

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