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Would you sell back your digital games?

PC gamers have been getting used to digital-only gaming for years now and console gamers are adopting it pretty fast with this current generation of consoles. However, one of the big downsides to owning a game digitally is not being able to sell it on when you’re finished, so over …

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Amazon announces an end to its trade-in program

Amazon’s trade-in scheme, which allows customers to send in old products like games, books and clothes to earn credit against other purchases, is coming to a close. Anyone wishing to take advantage of it has until the 31st of August to get their returns in, after which Amazon will no …

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Apple now accepts old Android devices for trade-in

Apple is now accepting old Android devices in its stores, in exchange for credit towards an iPhone purchase. The new trade-in program starts today, aside from Android devices; Apple also accepts BlackBerry devices and Windows Phones. The trade-in scheme rolls out in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Italy, …

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Alienware offering cash for old consoles now too

There’s a lot of people getting excited about the next console generation right now and understandably so; we’re getting very close to the release of both Microsoft and Sony’s new systems. However spending hundreds of pounds on a box that isn’t a PC, doesn’t help companies like Alienware, which is …

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