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Qualcomm and Huawei allowed to resume trading

Qualcomm has confirmed that it has resumed trading with Huawei once again after tech firms lobbied for the US government to ease up on the sanctions imposed against the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Qualcomm’s CEO, Steve Mollenkpof, said that the company is selling components to Huawei again and is looking to …

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Valve adds Captcha security to Steam Trading

Valve has been tightening up the rules on Steam Trading over the last month or two. First the company imposed new rules on Steam Gifts to combat key resellers and now extra security measures are being added to the Steam trading feature, with Captcha verification. The Captcha verification process will protect …

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Steam tightens up international game gifting

One of the cooler features on Steam is the ability to buy games as gifts for other people. This can make Christmas and birthdays for gamer friends and family members a lot easier, but it can also mean people can take advantage of regional pricing differences to make money or buy …

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Bitcoin starts to recover after new bottom reached

Bitcoin has had quite a star studded history of headlines and peaks, though over the past year has found some stability after hitting a new high of over $1,200 per coin back in December last year. Unfortunately for those that invested in large quantities however, its value has tumbled in …

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Coinfloor wants to break Bitcoin laundering stereotype

Even with its continued acceptance as a donation tool and online currency, Bitcoin is still intrinsically linked with sites like the recently closed Silk Road drugs marketplace, that use it as the exclusive currency of choice. It's also often considered as a tool for money launderers, since it's simple to exchange …

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